I think one of the major things that has come out is the introduction of the mono laser standard (ISO 19752) the key point about that is that previously customers had to trust that manufacturers were telling the truth about how many pages their toner cartridges would yield. Obviously everybody claims that they’re telling the truth but the reality was that the customer couldn’t be sure. But now there’s a standard for this, so when we say our cartridge prints 6000 pages it’s been tested according to this standard and to qualify for this standard it has to continually reach that level. What that means is that people can trust their TCO calculations. They can do the cost of the cartridge divided by the yield according to this standard and know that if it says 0.1 pence per page then it is 0.1 pence per page. There’s no secret black hole in there. And the colour standard is on its way.

According to the analyst figures the mono market is set to increase over the next five or six years. Everything seems to be these days going to be price driven, everyone is cutting the prices all the time on their products.

A company which is equipping people to work at home is probably not going to buy them a colour laser printer, they will probably just buy them a mono printer that is good enough for printing letters, emails and that kind of thing. But what we’re also seeing is that in offices people are looking for colour machines that can print mono at the cost of a mono machine. They don’t want to pay a premium for printing mono on a colour machine.

Processor speed effects first page out speed. Processing PDF or whatever data.

They’re not just hard drives that you can pick up in the high street, it comes with a PCB and controlling software to enable it to talk to the main logic. But with memory is benchmarked against other manufacturers, if the market bought the price down then everybody else would bring their prices down. It’s market driven. It’s all standard SDRAM memory that you can buy anywhere.

If you bought our memory and put it in you machine and you have a problem, then we will fix the problem. If you go off and buy somebody else’s memory that might cause you a problem because it’s not been tested with the product.

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