There’s the corporate buyer who’s buying handsets for his business but wants to buy for people at different levels in his organisation and then there’s the standard business buyer who’s buying a phone for himself. The corporate buyer is looking for a range of handsets. If they’re kitting out business people within their organisation they may want to have some handsets at the lower end of the market with basic text and voice services through to the full range of business features at the top end.

The primary differences business looking for diary functions, tri-band, ability to download applications, Blackberry email type functionality.

The major development has been the integration of Blackberry email functionality into handsets.

Traditionally the business market hasn’t focused too much on the design of handsets, one of the recent changes has been keeping the functionality levels but being a bit more flexible on the design. It’s what the market is demanding, people don’t want to pull their phone out in a meeting and be ashamed of it.

I don’t see it being a big issue, but obviously it needs to be taken seriously to make sure the necessary security measures are built in.

Payment is quite a hot topic, you might be able to use your phone to pay for car parks or what ever it might be. Trials in Germany/Finland.

Push to Talk
It’s hugely successful in America. From a business point of view, if you look for example at a taxi company then it’s a perfect system for them to talk to each other as long as they’re within range of a GSM or GPRS network, so that’s almost anywhere in the world. There are some quite serious business benefits; the key issue is to ensure that the charging scale is right.

Car Kit
Look at future proofing the phone. Quite often business users will have a car kit installed and when they come to upgrade the handset they have to pull out the whole car kit. With Siemens, when you upgrade your handset it just involves a very small change to the cradle in the car kit, so it’s a very easy path to upgrade.

You tend to find that a lot of people have not upgraded their business phone in the past because they have a car kit fitted and they don’t want to have to pay to have it replaced.

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