The cheapest of the DLP models is significantly more expensive than the entry level LCD projectors and while the contrast ratio is likely to be better, it does not offer much more in the way of brightness or resolution. The InFocus X2 offers better brightness at the same cost.

InFocus X2 – BEST BUY

Compared to other DLP projectors at this price point the X2 offers a good brightness level of 1600 lumens. However, the noise level seems quite high when compared with similarly specified LCD devices.

Toshiba S20/S21

A fairly average specification with a slightly lower brightness than the cheaper InFocus X2. Capable of producing image sizes of up to 10m, somewhat bigger than most LCD devices. The S21 model provides built in wireless capability.

Plus U5-111

Considerably more expensive than the InFocus X2, but lacking any real justification for this price difference, other than being a kilo lighter. For the same price you could get the much higher specification of the Acer PD521.


A good brightness of 2000 lumens and resolution of 1024 by 768 make this a good value machine compared to its rivals. The noise level is relatively low compared to similarly specified DLP projectors.

Viewsonic PJ255D – WORTH A LOOK

High resolution, but a very low brightness of just 1100 lumens. This is quite understandable however, given that the machine weighs a little under 1kg and has a tiny overall volume. This makes it one of the lightest devices for mobile professionals who regularly travel by air.

HP Digital Projector MP3222

2000 lumens may not seem that impressive, but considering this device weighs just 1.7Kg it provides one of the best brightness to weight ratios in the portable DLP projector class. It also offers 1024 by 768 resolution.

Sharp XR-1S

Another super-light portable device which sacrifices brightness for portability, but the low resolution puts it in the shade next to other devices in this class which offer similar features without cutting down their pixel count.

Plus U5-112

1600 lumens is fairly bright for such a small and light machine, but the resolution is a low 800 by 600 and since there are plenty of other devices which provide equal brightness at a higher resolution it is quite hard to recommend this model over them.

Toshiba T80

A high 1024 by 768 resolution coupled with 1600 lumens provide a good base spec for this portable projector, but the weight is more similar to the LCD devices than its featherweight DLP rivals. Nevertheless, 2.8kg is still very light by most standards.


Weighing less than a kilo the NEC LT10 is likely to be a favourite amongst professionals who spend a lot of time carrying their equipment around airports and train stations. Despite this the manufacturers still found room for a plentiful array of video inputs, making it useful for plugging unto DVD players and other AV equipment.

ASK Proxima C170

2000 lumens and 1024 by 768 resolution in a lightweight 2.4kg package make this a great all round device. A USB connection allows presentations to be run directly from a USB memory stick, without the need for a laptop to be connected to the projector.

ASK Proxima M2+

Weighing in at just 1.1kg this is one of the lightest DLP projectors on the market, only a handful of other models are available that slightly undercut the weight.

InFocus LP600 – GOOD VALUE

The same model as the ASK Proxima C170, but sold under the badge of original manufacturer InFocus.

InFocus LP70+

The same model as the ASK Proxima M2+ but sold under the badge of original manufacturer InFocus.

Toshiba T90/T91

Good brightness of 1024 by 768 and a respectable 2000 lumens, although by DLP standards this machine is not especially light, weighing in a 2.8kg. A wireless option is available for an extra #200.

HP Digital MP3130

Good brightness and high resolution in a fairly lightweight package. In addition to this the manufacturers have included a generous selection of video inputs, making this ideal for taking home at the weekends.

Sharp XRX-1X

Very light, but not particularly bright portable projector. All things considered it is probably better to take on just a little extra weight in exchange for a noticeably higher brightness level.


Stunningly huge resolution of 1600 by 1200, probably beyond the needs of most people. For most situations a little extra brightness would be more useful than the high resolution, but certain specialist applications might well find this particular combination useful.

Casio XJ-350

Good brightness level for a DLP machine, and comes with the added bonus of a built in loudspeaker for those who want to incorporate sound into their presentations easily. Casio would not provide us with a decibel measurement for any of their projectors.

Plus U5-132

2000 lumens of brightness and 1024 by 768 resolution make this a good general purpose business projector. The 2kg weight is already quite low but if you want an even lighter model the manufactures offer the V3-131.

Plus V3-131

Low weight may be attractive to mobile professionals but the 1000 lumen brightness level may prove challenging in adverse lighting conditions and the 40 decibel fan noise might upset your audience even more than the hard to see images.

Plus U5-232

An unusual machine which offers a jump from 2000 lumens to 3000 lumens if the user choose to switch to black and white mode. Probably not suited to most business presentations, but could prove to be a useful feature for certain applications.

Casio XJ-450

A good level of brightness and a motorised lens in a 2.4 kg package make this a useful all round projector. Noise level is currently unknown as Casio would not provide a decibel rating.

Panasonic PTD5500E

Extremely bright but also quite heavy compared to other projectors, most likely to found permanently fixed into a conference room or similar environment. Impressively low noise of just 29 decibels.


Bright, high resolution projector with plenty of video input options and wireless capability built in as standard. This is a new model and as yet does not have a price.


Similar in most respects to the LT245, but as well as being a little lighter it is also 300 lumens brighter than its sibling, so we expect it will command a higher price.



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