The main area of growth in the market has been the move towards what the industry calls colour capable and that’s basically as more and more people use colour in their office documents such as PowerPoint or Excel they’re seeing more of a need to print out colour in their documents. Lots of the manufacturers, Xerox canon ricoh have bought out what we call colour capable copiers which are copiers that are black and white centric but have the ability to do occasional colour if you need to.

What you’re seeing is that instead of manufacturers building traditional console based copiers what they’re doing now is producing essentially printer engines with a scanner. The advantage of that is that printer engines are seen as being much more reliable than copier engines. So what you’re seeing manufacturers do is build their solution around that printer engine because now scanning technology means that adding a scanner is much easier to do.

VC 12 only console based MFD

In terms of capabilities, people are looking to replace black and white device between the 20 and 35ppm range with a device that can do all that their old black and white can do but also has the ability to do colour. The quality isn’t fantastic, but it’s good enough for the office.

Cost of service has come down. About five or six years ago you were probably looking at 12/13p for a click charge on colour pages, now that’s been reduced to about 7 or 8p. On a similar.

The majority of users are moving towards toner inclusive packages. Customers are asking for it, and one of the big arguments for moving to an MFD over a printer is that on a printer you are forever buying toner cartridges and the like so you take that away and it is much easier for people to manage what their costs are going to be.

Pay-per colour – page coverage, single colour on page may use different toners and cost more than expected.

It’s been driven by the way documents have been used. Your laptop is in colour, you generally use email MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel and also Acrobat – in all of those people generally use colour. People now understand the power of colour. Previously when they had a desktop inkjet device they were reluctant to use that because it was slow and expensive. But with an MFD if you can do a presentation and print it out relatively quickly that makes you much more productive.

People are far more willing to use colour copy and print if they are able to track its use in the workplace.

I would imagine that it (pricing) will remain fairly level, and manufacturers will bring out newer quicker devices. What may happen is that prices may lower

I wouldn’t tell somebody to look at buying a colour copier because I don’t really think that’s the best investment – it needs to be printing. If you can print to it you can start transferring work from the more expensive desktop printers which may be toner out over to a device where you know how much each click is going to cost so you can actually budget.

Multi-tasking rather than multifunctional (scanning in multiple documents, printing while doing other things). 35ppm doesn’t always mean 35ppm.

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